5 luxurious gifts Davido has given his wife Chioma over the years. Davido always manages to give Chioma the finest things life can offer. It’s a new day, and Nigerians are still talking about Davido and Chioma’s fairy tale wedding on June 25, 2024. They are especially impressed by the luxury car he gifted his bride to mark their marriage.

5 Luxurious Gifts Davido has given his wife Chioma over the years
5 Luxurious Gifts Davido has given his wife Chioma over the years

Over the years, Davido has earned a reputation for pampering his woman with everything she desires. From stunning jewelry to luxurious cars, Davido’s gifts to his wife Chioma have consistently amazed fans and sparked conversations.

5 luxurious gifts Davido has given his wife Chioma over the years

Come along with us as we delve into the most extravagant gifts he has given Chioma over the years.

₦45 million Porsche car

In 2018, Davido publicly began dating Chioma. He surprised her and Nigerians by giving her a black Porsche car valued at ₦45 million for her 23rd birthday. The gift was so unexpected that Chioma was visibly shocked. The luxury car had “Assurance” written on the license plate, symbolizing their love.

Expensive bags

Davido consistently expresses his love for his woman by giving her lavish gifts. On Valentine’s Day in 2019, he organized a surprise dinner and had a saxophonist play while her gifts were delivered. He gifted her an expensive purse, plenty of candy, two bouquets of flowers, a cake, and wine to celebrate Lovers Day.

Stacks of Dollars

When discussing luxury, money certainly plays a role! In April 2024, the singer surprised his wife with large stacks of dollars before her birthday. Davido shared his gifts, including cash, roses, and a personalized note, in a series of Instagram posts, all meticulously arranged to impress Chioma.

A Patek Philippe wristwatch worth ₦16M

Davido is famous for his collection of luxury watches. Over the years, he has ensured that Chioma also wears expensive jewelry. In February 2020, he gave her a beautiful Patek Philippe wristwatch valued at ₦16M, just before Valentine’s Day.

A luxury SUV on their wedding day

The couple recently married, and the highlight of the ceremony was when the superstar singer gave Chioma a brand new SUV as a wedding present. In a viral video, he presented her with the white SUV and a bouquet of roses during their wedding.


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