Are you a job seeker searching for a means to foot your bills and elevate your standard of living? Have you landed yourself an appointment but do not exactly know how to comport yourself during the interview? This article gives 7 important Zoom interview tips for job seekers.

7 Important Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers
7 Important Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers

7 Important Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers

During a Zoom interview, you interview for a position utilising Zoom, a video software commonly employed by many companies for remote connectivity. Zoom incorporates several tools including screen sharing, text chat, video recording, and muting. Mastering the use of these tools enables you to leverage them to your advantage in your upcoming video interviews.

Use the Mute Button

Zoom offers a feature allowing users to mute their audio, which proves beneficial during extended periods of the interviewer’s speech. By utilising the mute button, background noises from your end are effectively blocked, ensuring clarity in communication. This functionality is particularly advantageous in environments with distractions like barking dogs or playing children. Maintaining mute while the interviewer speaks fosters a focused atmosphere for their communication. However, it’s essential to remember to unmute yourself when you’re prepared to speak. Various keyboard shortcuts, such as holding down the space-bar, facilitate convenient toggling of the mute function.

Use a Brightly Lit Room

For your Zoom interview, ensure your interviewer can observe your body language and facial expressions clearly. Select a room with ample lighting to enhance visibility. Positioning your interview space facing a window with abundant natural light is an effective method to improve visibility. Avoid arranging yourself with a window behind you, as this can create shadows on your face and render you as a silhouette, obscuring your visibility.

Use a Laptop or Computer

While Zoom offers a mobile app, it’s preferable to utilise it on a desktop computer or laptop for several reasons. Placing your computer on a table provides a more stable view of yourself compared to holding your phone, which may result in camera shake. Additionally, the camera on your computer offers the interviewer a clearer and more detailed view of you, enhancing the overall quality of the video interaction. Also, ensure you charge your laptop properly.

Get A Strong Internet Connection

Before your Zoom interview, ensure you have a robust internet connection. Test your connection and the location where you intend to sit for the interview. If you can successfully stream video or conduct Zoom calls with others without interruptions, you likely have a stable connection for your interview.

Wear Professional Attire

Wear attire identical to what you would choose for an in-person interview. Select clothing suitable for your industry that instils confidence. If unsure about the company’s dress code, review photos on their website to gauge appropriate attire. A meticulously chosen and professional outfit can bolster your preparedness and confidence, positioning you for success in the interview.

Make the Session Interactive-Ask Questions

As you familiarise yourself with the role, mentally note the questions you intend to ask at the end of the interview. Additionally, prepare questions beforehand to ensure you have inquiries ready. During the interview, attentively listen to cover topics not addressed by the interviewer. Suitable questions may include:

  • Can you provide further detail on the day-to-day responsibilities associated with this position?
  • How would you characterise the company culture?
  • What aspects of working here do you find most rewarding?

Join the Call at Least Fifteen Minutes Before the Meeting

To ensure a seamless connection and mitigate technical issues, aim to join the call at least fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled time. While you can start preparing for the interview an hour in advance, it’s advisable to delay joining the official call until closer to the designated time. This period also serves as an opportune moment to utilise the mute feature. It’s customary to mute yourself while awaiting the arrival of other attendees, a standard practice applicable to all types of Zoom calls.

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