Youths in the Akoko-Edo local government area of Edo state reportedly beat two policemen to death.

The incident occurred after the officers’ vehicle allegedly hit a motorcycle, resulting in the deaths of the rider, a woman, and a child.

Anxiety Spreads as Two Policemen Are Beaten to Death 
Anxiety Spreads as Two Policemen Are Beaten to Death

Anxiety Spreads as Two Policemen Are Beaten to Death 

Members of the Edo state security vigilante network initially detained the four police officers. However, the youths overpowered them, leading to the fatal beating of two officers and injuries to two others.

Tension grips the Ikpeshi area of Akoko-Edo local government area in Edo state following reports of two riot police officers being beaten to death, with two others sustaining injuries.

Reports indicate that the mob attack stemmed from an incident involving a Toyota Hilux vehicle from the convoy of former Edo state house of assembly member Emmanuel Agbaje, which collided with a motorcycle.

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The accident resulted in the tragic and immediate deaths of the motorcycle rider, a woman, and her child.

Sources revealed that the youths in Ikpeshi raided the office of the Edo state security vigilante network when the policemen were apprehended. They overpowered and assaulted them.

However, members of the vigilante group managed to rescue two of the police officers and recover their rifles.

The rescued officers are reportedly receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Edo state. The name of the hospital was not disclosed.

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Reports indicate that the targeted police officers hailed from the Police Mobile Force (PMF) 19, Port Harcourt, in Rivers State.

Tajudeen Alade, the chairman of the Akoko-Edo local government council, has denounced the actions of the youth in Ikpeshi. He stated that those responsible for the mob attacks will be identified, apprehended, and brought to justice.

Alade insisted that this action would discourage other youths from similar intentions.

Chidi Nwabuzor, the spokesperson of the Edo state police command and a Superintendent of Police (SP), has affirmed the incident.

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