Baby Born With Three DNA in UK Sparks Reactions. The UK’s fertility regulator has confirmed the birth of a baby using DNA from three individuals, marking a significant milestone. The majority of the baby’s genetic material originates from their biological parents, while approximately 0.1% comes from a third person—a female donor. This groundbreaking approach aims to prevent the transmission of severe mitochondrial diseases, which can have devastating consequences.

Baby Born With Three DNA in UK Sparks Reactions
Baby Born With Three DNA in UK Sparks Reactions

Baby Born With Three DNA in UK

Less than five babies have been born using this technique. However, specific details have not been disclosed at this time. Mitochondrial diseases are incurable conditions that can be fatal shortly after birth, sometimes within hours or days.

Certain families have experienced the loss of multiple children due to these diseases, and this innovative method is considered their only chance to have a healthy biological child.

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Mitochondrion Donation

Mitochondria, the small structures found in nearly every cell, play a vital role in converting food into usable energy for the body. When mitochondria are defective, they fail to provide sufficient energy. This results in brain damage, muscle deterioration, heart failure, and vision loss.

These traits are exclusively inherited from the mother, meaning that mitochondrial donation treatment involves a modified version of in vitro fertilization (IVF) where mitochondria from a healthy donor egg are utilized.

There are two methods employed in mitochondrial donation. One occurs following the fertilization of the mother’s egg by the father’s sperm, while the other takes place prior to fertilization.

Baby Born With Three DNA in UK
Baby Born With Three DNA in UK

The HFEA, which is responsible for regulating human fertilization and embryology, has stated that fewer than five babies have been born as of April 20, 2023. The exact number is not provided to protect the privacy of the families involved. This information came to light through a Freedom of Information request made by the Guardian newspaper.

According to Sarah Norcross, the director of the Progress Educational Trust, the news of a small number of babies being born with donated mitochondria marks a significant milestone in the ongoing process of evaluating and improving mitochondrial donation.

However, it is still unclear whether the technique was successful, as there has been no update from the teams in Newcastle.

There Could Be a Risk of Reversion

Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, from the Francis Crick Research Institute, expressed curiosity about the effectiveness of the mitochondrial replacement therapy. He was also curious whether the babies are free from mitochondrial disease. He also raised concerns about the possibility of future health problems arising from the procedure.

There is a technical risk of “reversion” where any defective mitochondria that are transferred could multiply and lead to disease. Previously, it was estimated that up to 150 such babies could be born annually in the UK.

Can a Baby Have the DNA of Three People?

The majority of the child’s DNA comes from his or her two parents. However, about 0.1 percent comes from a third person – another woman.

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