Check out these Biggest Scandals of Tinubu’s First Year in Office. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration marked its first year. After a controversial election in February 2023, Tinubu was sworn in as the 16th President of Nigeria on May 29, 2023. Here’s a look at key events in his first year:

Biggest Scandals of Tinubu’s First Year in Office
Biggest Scandals of Tinubu’s First Year in Office

Presidential Yacht Controversy

The Navy allocated billions for a “presidential yacht,” which many criticized. Even though it was explained that the yacht wasn’t for presidential luxury, people still saw the government as out of touch with their economic struggles.

Chaotic Ministerial Screening

President Tinubu promised to build a strong team. However, the process of choosing ministers faced issues. Last-minute changes, such as replacing Maryam Shetty with Festus Keyamo, showed disorganization. Additionally, the screening of former governor Nasir El-Rufai and problems with NYSC certificates for four nominees highlighted the administration’s lack of preparation.

Betta Edu’s Controversy

Betta Edu, the suspended Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, faced corruption accusations. Over N500 million was allegedly approved for private accounts, leading to her suspension and a ministry review. This raised questions about the government’s oversight. The Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, was also linked but said he left the involved company in 2019.

Dubai Visa Announcement Mishap

Aides prematurely announced the lifting of a UAE visa ban after a meeting with UAE leaders. This was quickly debunked, causing public embarrassment and questioning the communication team’s reliability.

Seyi Tinubu’s Use of Presidential Jet

Seyi Tinubu’s use of a presidential jet for a polo match in Kano drew criticism. The president’s children’s frequent presence on state visits also raised concerns about mixing personal and official matters.

Breakdown of Presidential Jets

Technical issues with presidential jets forced President Tinubu to use a commercial flight and led Vice President Kashim Shettima to cancel a trip. Opposition lawmakers mocked this, suggesting the president use commercial planes or buses. The House Committee on National Security and Intelligence is investigating the presidential fleet’s status.

COP28 and the Large Delegation

The administration sent a large delegation to the COP28 summit in Dubai, including irrelevant figures like actress Toke Makinwa. Although only 422 out of 1,411 delegates were funded by the government, it still looked excessive during economic hardship. The president later announced cuts to his travel entourage.

Coastal Road Project Controversy

The N15 trillion Lagos-Calabar coastal road project faced issues. Changes in alignment led to property demolitions in Lagos, and marine cables caused further disruptions. Critics accused the government of mismanagement and poor planning.

Cybersecurity Levy Confusion

The introduction of a cybersecurity levy faced backlash, leading the House of Representatives to halt it. The president later suspended it for review. This incident showed the need for better communication and policy clarity.

Fake News from the Villa

The president’s communication team made several errors. They wrongly claimed Tinubu was the first African leader to ring the NASDAQ closing bell and announced false investments. Conflicting statements from spokespersons about the president’s address to the National Assembly further highlighted internal confusion.

In its first year, the Tinubu administration faced many challenges, from internal disorganization and communication errors to policy controversies and public perception issues. These incidents tested the administration’s credibility and ability to deliver on its promises in Nigeria’s complex political landscape.


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