Canada Province Bans the Enrolment of International Students. Canada in general will be having a cut down of totally admitted international students in 2024. However, this province stands as the only province to announce total stoppage of international students at this time.

Canada Province Bans the Enrolment of International Students
Canada Province Bans the Enrolment of International Students

Canada Province Bans the Enrolment of International Students

On Monday (Jan 29), British Columbia in Canada declared a two-year ban, until February 2026, on new colleges applying to admit international students. This move aims to eliminate “exploitative practices” from the system.

The province, which houses a substantial Indian student community, has experienced numerous instances of colleges and universities taking advantage of them.

British Columbia Two-year cap on international students

The province’s decision comes just over a week after the Canadian government announced an immediate two-year limit on the intake of international students. The new regulations will also place restrictions on post-graduate work permits for international students, likely prompting them to return to their home countries.

According to data from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), out of 579,075 international students in Canada, 215,910 are from India.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller stated, “These measures are intended to ensure that as future students come to Canada, they receive the promised quality of education and the opportunities they were given hope for in their home countries. It would be unfair to welcome international students to Canada while not providing all of them with the resources they need to succeed here.”

Tradeaus Administration to Decrease Intake by 35 Percent

The Justin Trudeau administration aims to decrease student intake by 35 percent in 2024, reducing it to about 360,000. Aside from the declining quality of education, the housing crisis stands out as a primary factor behind the decision.

Canada’s population witnessed a rapid growth of over 430,000 during the third quarter of 2023, marking the fastest increase in any quarter since 1957. The majority of this population surge was attributed to foreign nationals enrolling in universities. Reports indicate that Ottawa was grappling with a shortage of 345,000 housing units, exacerbated by increasing interest rates.

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