Citibank and Capital Group are teaming up to provide clients in Hong Kong and Singapore with access to the Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX).

Capital Group and Citibank Strengthen Collaboration
Capital Group and Citibank Strengthen Collaboration

This fund, mirroring Capital Group’s major global equity strategy, New Perspective, has a 50-year history and oversees assets worth $157.8 billion. While already accessible to Citibank clients in Hong Kong, it is set to be available in Singapore from February, as reported by Fund Selector Asia.

Capital Group and Citibank Strengthen Collaboration

Grant Leon, leading the global financial intermediaries for Asia and Europe at Capital Group, is thrilled about extending their collaboration with Citibank to Asia, marking a significant first for the region. The New Perspective strategy, launched in 1973, centres around companies leading in global economic and market changes. The Luxembourg Ucits fund, initiated in October 2015 with a value of $12.25 billion, has delivered a cumulative return of 68.65% over the last five years, surpassing the average performance of international equity funds in Singapore.

The fund focuses on investing in various multinational companies, targeting long-term capital growth by including established leaders and emerging global front-runners in its portfolio. The primary holdings are in North American equities, followed by European and Asia Pacific equities, with key positions in major companies such as Microsoft and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Capital Group Underscores the Effectiveness of Their Strategy

Winnie Choi, Head of Investment Advisory for Asia North at Citi, emphasised that the inclusion of the New Perspective Fund in Citi’s offerings enhances their wealth advisory services. The fund is overseen by a team of ten portfolio managers with extensive industry experience, backed by a sizeable global research team. This approach, involving multiple managers, brings diverse perspectives, positioning the fund for strong performance across various market conditions.

Capital Group underscores the effectiveness of their strategy in adapting to long-term trends and market shifts, a quality that has demonstrated success, especially in the current intricate and volatile global economy. This adaptability is particularly appealing to investors in Asia.

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