Here’s how you can change your date of birth for your NIN by yourself. The National Identity Management Commission states that Nigerians can now correct their date of birth by themselves.

How to Change your Date of Birthday for Your NIN by Yourself
How to Change your Date of Birthday for Your NIN by Yourself

NIMC announces this new update on their social media platforms.

The National Identification Number (NIN) is what the Nigerian government uses to establish the identity of every Nigerian.

The NIN consists of 11 non-intelligible numbers that are randomly chosen and assigned to an individual once they complete their enrollment in the National Identity Database (NIDB).

This is everything you need to know about changing your date of birth by yourself for NIN.

Change of Dat Of Birth details on NIN 2024

Whether you do it at a NIMC registration center or through the self-service website, changing your Date of Birth (DOB) is a one-time opportunity. Users need to present an NPC birth certificate in order to start this transformation. Make sure that the birth attestation and registration on the NPC website are finished before starting the Date of Birth Modification on NIMC. It is important to understand that this change will not be implemented or any further payments made for it after the initial opportunity will not be reimbursed.

Steps for modifying your Date of Birth through Self-Service for NIN.

After a person enrolls and collects their NIN, both minors and adults can update their details for their NIN.

Things like names, dates of birth, addresses, etc., can be modified. However, the date of birth can only be corrected once.

Anyone who wants to correct their date of birth by themselves for NIN can do so online through the NIMC self-service NIN modification website.

Once you open the website, the next thing to do is to follow these steps:

  • To start, you need to verify your NIN and log in.
  • On your dashboard, select the date of birth modification option.
  • Securely complete the payment for the modification via Paystack.
  • After you pay, enter your NPC certificate number and validate it. Your date of birth will automatically be filled in and it will be non-editable. If you have misplaced your birth certificate, you can do the birth attestation online at
  • Upload your NPC certificate along with any required supporting documents.
  • Submit your modification request and preview the adjustments.
  • Make sure to check the attestation box before you submit your request.
  • Promptly collect your modification transaction slip from the modification table.
  • Once it’s approved, you will receive a notification, and they will send your NIN slip to your email. You also have the option to print the slip directly from your dashboard.

With your device, you can do your NIN modification through the self-service on their website anytime and anywhere.

How much does it cost to correct the Date of Birth for NIN?

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) states that Nigerians who wish to correct their date of birth for their National Identification Number will pay N16,340.

Changing the Name costs N1,522.50, Address costs N1,522.50, and Email costs N1,522.50.

Documents needed to support data modification.

To changing your name, you need:

  • A sworn affidavit
  • Newspaper extract
  • Marriage certificate (in cases of marriage).

Changing your address, you need:

  • A utility bill
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Bank statement
  • Community leader attestation.

For changing your phone number due to loss or mechanical damage:

  • A police report.

Level of Education

  • Certificate obtained

Change of Occupation

  • Offer Letter


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