Egyptian Officials Ban Archeologists From The Country, this ban was a result of an exhibition that was launched which portrayed black American singers, comedians and other celebrities as the rulers of Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Officials Ban Archeologists From The Country
Egyptian Officials Ban Archeologists From The Country

This exhibition was done at the Dutch national Museum of Antiques (RMO) in Leiden. They were condemned by the authorities of Cairo after the launch of the exhibition titled: Kemet.

Egyptian Officials Ban Archeologists From The Country

Kemet, a term, meaning ‘black land,’ uses jazz, soul, and funk music to depict the importance of ancient Egypt and Nubia in the music of African diaspora artists.

The exhibition features well-known black American celebrities portraying famous Egyptian figures from history. For instance, Nefertiti is represented by Beyoncé and Rihanna, Tutankhamun by American rapper Nas, and Ramesses by Eddie Murphy.

Dutch Archaeologists Denied Access to the Saqqara Burial Ground

Dutch archaeologists have been denied access to the Saqqara burial ground near Cairo due to allegations that their portrayals are distorting historical facts.

Wim Weijland, the Museum Director, expressed his disagreement with the accusation of distorting history, stating that the exhibition was meticulously curated. Weijland urged for the withdrawal of such claims, emphasizing the need for mutual respect among scientists.

This controversy follows the backlash faced by Netflix for casting black British actress Adele James as Cleopatra. Critics argue that this decision amounts to “blackwashing” since historical records indicate that Cleopatra was of Macedonian-Greek origin.

The ban imposed on the Dutch archaeologists is a significant setback for the RMO, which has been actively involved in excavations at Saqqara since 1975.

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