Jimmy Kimmel resumed his usual duties on Monday, providing a lighthearted recap of the Oscars, with particular focus on John Cena’s attempt to conceal his private parts while presenting the Best Costume award.

Executives Were Deeply Alarmed by the John Cena Skit
Executives Were Deeply Alarmed by the John Cena Skit

Executives Were Deeply Alarmed by the John Cena Skit

Justin Timberlake initially teased viewers by pretending to host the show, but it was Kimmel who eventually appeared and began recounting his favorite moments from the Academy Awards. (Timberlake served as the night’s musical guest.)

He found amusement in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pronunciation of “Godzilla” and was entertained by Ryan Gosling’s performance of “I’m Just Ken.” However, the true highlight was the tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Oscars streaker incident from 1974.

Kimmel described the intense scrutiny the comedy bit faced, noting that it surpassed any other comedic segment he had ever done for award shows. There were numerous meetings, emails, and phone calls, with some individuals even becoming emotional over the matter. Despite the resistance initially faced, Kimmel’s team persisted, leading to a discussion about the size of the envelope.

Oscars Recap: Pushing the Envelope, Messi’s Mishap, and Trump’s Attention

Displaying the envelope requested by the executives, which resembled a shoebox in size, Kimmel revealed that they ultimately opted for a smaller envelope, which effectively concealed Cena’s private parts. Kimmel congratulated Cena on the attention his involvement brought to the segment, remarking that it was rare for an idea to so literally “push the envelope.”

Kimmel also shared a behind-the-scenes moment from the Oscars credits, revealing that Messi, the dog from Anatomy of a Fall, urinated on Matt Damon’s star on the Walk of Fame.

He then addressed the Donald Trump incident that occurred at the end of the show, commenting on Trump’s need for attention. Kimmel explained that Trump wrote a post because he was upset about not being mentioned during the show, despite nobody mentioning him at all. Reflecting on the situation, Kimmel likened it to a scene from a movie, stating, “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” He admitted that he hadn’t planned to mention Trump at all but felt compelled to address it after seeing the post backstage.

“It’s funny,” Kimmel continued. “We had John Cena on stage naked and somehow Donald Trump still managed to be the biggest d–k of the night.”

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