Five members of the same family perished in a house fire in west London, including three children. Following the fire in Channel Close, Hounslow, on Sunday, one man is hospitalized and one person is still missing.

Five Members Of The Same Family Perished In A House Fire In West London
Five Members Of The Same Family Perished In A House Fire In West London

Both the Met Police and the London Fire Brigade declared that they were maintaining a “open mind” regarding the reason.

According to Ch Supt Sean Wilson’s statement “truly a terrible incident” and the loss of lives was causing “unimaginable stress and pain”.

Five Members Of The Same Family Perished In A House Fire In West London

London Fire Brigade (LFB) crews discovered the five family members’ dead on the first floor of a terraced house.

“This is truly a terrible incident the loss of so many lives will cause unimaginable stress and pain to all the families involved,” Ch Supt Wilson said.

“Everyone will want to know why this has happened and we will be working tirelessly with London Fire Brigade to find those answers.”

He continued by saying that the community members experiencing “hard sadness and shock of the tragic loss” will have the support of his officers.

No one has been taken into custody, the Met continued.

According to Deputy Fire Commissioner Jonathan Smith, it’s too soon to determine if the recent Diwali celebrations’ candles or fireworks played a role.

When the firefighters arrived, he added, they found a “significant blaze” on the first floor and ground level.

Seema Malhotra, the Labour MP for Feltham and Heston, announced that she will be stopping by the street later on Monday.

“It is devastating,” she remarked. I am aware that a great number of people who have contacted me are really horrified and deeply grieved by the awful event that occurred in Heston last night. “I have not heard anything regarding the possible cause of this as of yet.

“There hasn’t been any suggestion at the moment of what caused the scale of this fire and for it to go through the property so quickly.”

She urged everyone to “keep an open mind” to what the cause of the fire was, as investigations were underway.

Residents in the area said they saw a lot of smoke at the time, but many fireworks were also being let off for Diwali.

Nick Marbrow, who lives on Sutton Road, said: “When I went to bed last night, I could see a lot of smoke.

“I could see an unusual amount of smoke, but then it was Diwali, and fireworks were going off.”

On his way to the temple, Ashish Sosniah, who was walking along the street. Reported that he witnessed fireworks going off “for an hour” between 20:00 and 21:00 GMT.

According to Mr. Sosniah, emergency personnel were present at the location when he next passed at roughly 23:30.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, stated: “My thoughts are with the victims, their loved ones and the wider community following this terrible fire in Hounslow in which five people tragically lost their lives including three children.”

“This is a sad incident and the thoughts of all of us at London Fire Brigade are with the family, friends, and all those affected at this difficult time,” stated London Fire Commissioner Andy Roe. Today, employees will be present in the neighbourhood to provide assistance and guidance as required.

“The welfare of our staff is very important and all those involved will be offered support from our counselling and trauma service.”

By 01:25, the fire was under control after emergency services were contacted at 22:30.

About 70 firefighters and 10 fire engines were dispatched to the fire.

As a safety measure, nearby properties were removed.


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