In this article, we will prove the process of How to Get Free 1GB Airtel Bundles. Numerous telecommunications companies in Nigeria are providing fantastic incentives, and Airtel is among those.

How to Get Free 1GB Airtel Bundles
How to Get Free 1GB Airtel Bundles

This reward has been accessible for an extended period, making it recommended to make the most of it at your earliest convenience.

MyAirtel App

This app is the major tool used by the users or customers of Airtel to get free data.

The “My Airtel” app is a mobile application developed by Airtel, which is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Nigeria and several other countries. The app is designed to provide Airtel customers with a convenient and user-friendly platform to manage various aspects of their Airtel services, including mobile prepaid and postpaid plans, DTH (Direct-to-Home) services, broadband, and more.

Key features of the “My Airtel” app typically include:

  • Account Management: View and manage account details, plans, data usage, payments, and recharge history.
  • Recharge and Bills: Recharge mobile, pay bills, and top-up DTH through the app.
  • Data Monitoring: Track data use, balances, and buy data packs.
  • Value-Added Offers: Access special deals, entertainment content, and exclusive offers.
  • Customer Support: Contact support, submit requests, and get assistance.
  • Personalization: Customize plans and services based on preferences.
  • Unified Platform: Integrate mobile, broadband, DTH, and more for streamlined management.

How to Get Free 1GB Data Via My Airtel App

The process for getting this is very simple. All you need for this procedure is your phone. Follow the steps below:

  • App Installation: Download and install the My Airtel app from your phone’s app store.
  • SIM Check: Ensure your Airtel SIM card is inserted before launching the app.
  • New Number: Make sure the phone number hasn’t been used for Airtel apps previously.
  • Registration: Register your Airtel number within the app.
  • Notification: You’ll receive an Airtel notification.
  • OTP Confirmation: Enter your number, receive OTP, and confirm it.
  • Successful Registration: You’ll get an SMS confirming your 1GB bonus.
  • Activation: Use the short code *312# to check your balance.

How to Accumulate the Airtel 1GB Free Data

Are you aware that it’s possible to gather this information on your Airtel connection? You have the opportunity to receive as much as 20GB without charge. The process simply involves recommending others to install the Airtel app and sign up using their Airtel phone number. It’s important to note that your referral can’t be utilized on a device or phone number that has been utilized with the Airtel app in the past.

Now, follow the steps below to accumulate the data in your phone:

  • Download and Register: Follow the article steps to download, install, and register on the Airtel mobile app.
  • Access Menu: Open the app, and tap the menu (top left or bottom right).
  • Choose ‘Share’: Select ‘Share’ to share the app with friends.
  • Referral Bonus: When someone uses your link to download, register, and use the app, you receive a data bonus from Airtel.
  • Continuous Referrals: As you refer more people, you continue to receive more data as bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Duration of the Airtel 1GB Data?

The duration of this data is 6 days. This grants you nearly a week to utilize your data; otherwise, it will lapse and you won’t make the most of it.

What’s the Corresponding Amount to 1GB in Megabytes?

1GB is equivalent to 1024 MB, or 1000000 kilobytes.


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