Recently, the Central Bank of Nigeria gave a directive to banks that all account holders should link their NIN to their account. This is to ensure accurate documentation and ensure that every citizen of age gets their NIN. This article gives a comprehensive guide on how to link your NIN to your GTBank account.

How to Link Your NIN to Your GTBank Account
How to Link Your NIN to Your GTBank Account

How To Link Your NIN to Your GTBank Account

First Method: Visit a GTBank Branch

  • Visit the bank with your NIN slip or card and BVN.
  • Approach the customer service staff and let them know your request.
  • Fill in the account update form and generate your virtual NIN (vNIN) code.
  • Wait to confirm that your NIN has been successfully linked to your account after submission.

Second Method: Use The Self-Service Portal

  • Log in to GTBank’s website using your username (account number) and password (6 digits).
  • Click on the “Link Here” icon at the top left corner.
  • Fill in your details.
  • Input your vNIN and submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual NIN?

The Virtual NIN serves as a tokenized representation of the individual’s genuine NIN, ensuring that any third party verifying the number cannot retain or utilize it in a manner that compromises the person’s data privacy. It comprises a sequence of 16 alphanumeric characters.

How Do I Generate My vNIN?

Dial *346*3*NIN*292968# to generate your vNIN.

I Opened an Account With Driver’s License. Does it Have an Effect on My BVN and NIN?

It doesn’t have an effect, however, the Federal Government of Nigeria has insisted that banks should only use NIN for accounts.

How Do I Know My NIN Has Been Linked?

You can contact your account officer to confirm.

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