The Nigerian federal government recently issued a directive requiring everyone to register and get a National Identity Number (NIN). This article contains How to Validate My NIN Online.

How to Validate My NIN Online
How to Validate My NIN Online

The order also specified that you can register by going to any NIMC office in the area. Once you’ve registered, you must validate your NIN to make sure it is accurate.

Validate My NIN Online

Nevertheless, you can confirm your NIN online after registering, saving you the headache of having to go back to the NIMC office. We’ll walk you through the process here. If you have previously registered, we will walk you through the process of verifying your NIN.

Without a doubt, the procedure of validation bears equal significance to that of registration. Regardless of wealth, everyone needs to acquire a National Identity Number (NIN) as it serves as a unique form of identification and no two people can have the same NIN. You are the only one with your own National Identification Number, or NIN.

The next step after registering to receive your NIN is to validate it. Thankfully, you can do this online or offline, though doing so online is obviously simpler, easier, and takes less time. The only requirement is data, which shouldn’t be an issue.

You can relax after validating your NIN because you’ve finished the process and your NIN is accurate.

If you’re wondering what happens if you don’t validate your NIN, you won’t be able to link it to your SIM, and you already know how crucial it is to link your NIN to your SIM because if it isn’t, your SIM will be disconnected.

You are being held hostage by the authorities; confirm your NIN by following our instructions. The NIN app, which is accessible on the Play store for Android users and the Apple store for iOS users, allows you to validate it online.

Make sure you have your eleven-digit National Identity Number (NIN) before beginning the online validation process.

Download the Nimc Official Mobile App

After downloading and opening the official Nimc mobile app, you will be prompted to input your NIN. Make sure it is entered correctly in the designated field. The phone number you used to register your NIN when you visited the NIMC office must also be entered. After finishing, select “next” to proceed.

Receive OTP

Your phone number will receive an OTP instantly when you click “next.” Before proceeding, ensure sure the number is current. You will receive an OTP, and your NIN will be verified.

Best wishes! Your National Identity Number has been successfully verified online.

Alternative method – the offline method

If you attempt this approach and it is unsuccessful, you are likely one of the people who obtained their NIN using BVN. If so, you must visit the NINMC office in order to get your NIN verified.

Go to the NINMC office

I’m sorry, but this is your only option at this time. Please visit the NINMC office and ask to pick up the NIN validation form.

Complete the necessary fields with precision. A payment of $4,000 may be requested from some offices, while smaller amounts may be collected.

After completing the payment and submitting the form, your NIN will be verified on your behalf. If you haven’t registered at all, it’s easy to do so by visiting the National Identification Management website at

You can contact the NINMC help desk in the event that you run into any problems, either with the registration or validation process.


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