Singer John Ighodaro, also known as Johnny Drille, and Nasiru Lawal, popularly known as Nasboi, entertained guests at the annual comedy show “Arts of Pastor Talkingdrum.” The event took place last weekend at the Aztech Arcum event centre in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Johnny Drille and Nasboi thrilled fans at the Talkingdrum Comedy Show
Johnny Drille and Nasboi thrilled fans at the Talkingdrum Comedy Show

This year’s show, themed “Father of Three Boys,” was organized by Ijendu Odunna, also known as Pastor Talkingdrum. He was joined by other comedians and entertainers, including Adviser, Akpan Okon, Prof Amani, GSN, Busymouth, MC Monica, and spoken word artist Favour Ogbonaya (Deraspeaks), to provide attendees with a great time.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, comedian and broadcaster Talkingdrum explained that this year’s show’s theme aimed to correct negative narratives about marriage and family.

He said, “The prevailing narrative is that marriage is no longer a good thing, causing some people to fear getting married. We want to show, in our own way. That marriage is one of the best things that can happen to anyone.”

Comedian’s Commitment to Clean Comedy and Community Support: Proving Success Without Vulgarity and Giving Back Through Scholarships and Land Donations

The comedian emphasized his commitment to keeping his comedy clean and classy. He said, “We don’t tell vulgar jokes because we want to show that you can be clean, upright, and still achieve stardom. I’m happy we proved that at our last event.”

Talkingdrum highlighted the event’s focus on giving back to society. He said, “Last year, we gave out plots of land. This year, we went further. Christ-talker Foundation awarded scholarships to three students from different tertiary institutions in Rivers State. Hamrex Properties gave a plot of land to a boy who plays the violin and promised to cover his school fees until he finishes primary education.”


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