Despite the fact that the inauguration of the president-elect of the federal republic of Nigeria is already here, the Labour Party continues to maintain its stand and vows that Justice will prevail.

Labour Party Vows that Justice Will surely Prevail
Labour Party Vows that Justice Will surely Prevail

“Voting Process Was Fairly Satisfactorily Conducted” – Labour Party Chairman

Ahead of President-elect Bola Tinubu’s inauguration on Monday, May 29, the Labour Party has urged its supporters and all Nigerians to continue to express their passions, emotions, and frustrations within the confines of the law, saying that justice will prevail in due course.

The party Chairman, Julius Abure, said in a statement signed and released on Sunday, May 28, that the party faulted the election that produced Tinubu of the All-Progressives Congress (APC) as President-elect, claiming that it was marred by irregularities. He stated that, despite varying serious reports of violence, malfunctioning electoral devices, and other impediments, the voter accreditation and voting process was carried out fairly satisfactorily.

“A Dark Cloud Engulfed the Nation After the Votes Were Counted” Lamented Julius Abure

He was sad that “after the vote count, a sad situation happened in the country. It became obvious that the right password to send the results of the Presidential Election electronically and immediately from the BVAS to the INEC IREV had been criminally kept back, which goes against the law’s requirements and goes against the repeated promises made by Professor Mahmood Yakubu and INEC officials to the nation and its people.”

He claimed that votes “legitimately cast for the Labour Party candidate were altered and decreased, and instead, more votes were added to boost the number of votes for the APC’s Presidential Candidate.”

Labour Party Vows That Justice Will surely Prevail
Labour Party Vows That Justice Will surely Prevail

He also added that the matter which is now on the presidential petition’s tribunal will surely be pursued to a logical conclusion.

“Our people deserve a government, which can manage the country, for the good of all, with sincerity, creativity and discipline. A government that can reduce the biting tension and difficulties which families face in meeting their living needs and a government that can reduce reckless corruption, rebuild national institutions and reposition the country, in all ramifications.

That is the trust the people have placed in the Labour Party and the Presidential ticket of Mr Peter Obi and Dr Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed. This is the same burden of trust, we owe the Nigerian people, to see this matter to lawful and logical resolution,” According to the Labour Party’s Presidential candidate.

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