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Melissa Viviane Jefferson was born on April 27, 1988 and is perhaps the greatest musical storyteller man has ever seen. The American artist, whose stage name is Lizzo, is adept at composing easy-to-understand musical verses, combined with one-on-one encounters and coincidences.

She’s one of the American rappers, singers and songwriters in the business that has the right to celebrate win with the release of her third album, Cuz I Love You. The project entered the Top 5 of the US Billboard 200, causing a stir in public opinion about the project.


Full Name: Melissa Viviane Jefferson

Stage Name: Lizzo

Date Of Birth: April 27, 1988

Age: 35 years old

Place of Birth: Detroit

Nationality: American

Height: 5 Feet 8 inches

Weight: 91 kg

Parents: Mr and Mrs Jefferson

Siblings: 1

Husband: Not Married

Boyfriend: Unknown

Partner: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Occupation: Singer, Rapper and Songwriter

Net Worth: $3,000,000-$5,000,000.

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Early life

Considered by fans to be a magician when it comes to singing, Lizzo had a pretty good childhood. She is a woman from Detroit, Michigan, born on April 27, 1988. Her father is Michael Jefferson.

Although born American, she is of African ancestry. She has lived in the United States all her life and comes from a large family bound together by strong qualities and love for one another. She connected with music from the beginning and formed tunes based on her current feelings or emotions.

Sometimes, when special occasions or encounters happen around her, she picks up her pen and lets her imagination manifest in the form of musical couplets. She will bring these tunes to life with her deep and lovely voice.

In addition to having a vibrant, first-rate voice, Lizzo opted to join an instrumentalist’s club and also learned how to rap. Armed with these instruments, she overwhelmed the world with her unique musical style and melodies.


In keeping with the prerogative of every young man to have a solid education, Lizzo attended the best private and optional public schools in the United States. She made her family happy by dropping out of high school with her A’levels passing score.

She graduated from one of the best universities in the United States. Personal lifeLizzo’s voice reflects her own chubby appearance. She is an extremely attractive woman with a charming face and body. She is very easy to kill in any outfit she wears. She makes a great connection as a model.

Lizzo doesn’t date anyone, she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a spouse. She once stated that she had a crush on Drake and had in the past. In addition to singing, she is also distinguished as a gourmet and loves to cook. She is also an extraordinary artist. 


With the strong support of loved ones, Lizzo unleashed his musical abilities in several stages of training and recording tunes in the studio. These efforts have not been in vain as she has created amazing music that has attracted the attention of many music fans.

She has firmly positioned herself on the American music scene as one of the sovereigns.In 2013, she once again proved that her songwriting is truly exceptional on the planet when she released her album, Lizzobangers. In an effort to connect with her American roots, she has shot music videos for Melodies, Batches & Cookies, Faded, Bus Passes and Happy Meals and Paris.

In early 2019, she was nominated for Artist of the Year and Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards. Although chubby, she never hesitated to get the job done when needed, a task that was generally well received throughout the United States and Europe.

She took advantage of the rush of this achievement to create another mysterious track called Truth Hurts. The enchanting single was widely popular around the world as soon as it was released. The tune was a huge hit and fans started mentioning it for a music video.

She heeded their solicitation and took a video.Lizzo was nominated at the 62nd Grammy Awards, where she won 3 awards for her projects. While she has forged a successful career for herself with single tunes, she also pre-empts some of her main tunes.


Lizzo has made a decent amount of money since joining the company. This way, she has an expected total net worth of $3,000,000 to $5,000,000. 


Good as Hell


Truth Hurts

Like a Girl

Cuz I Love You


Water Me




Exactly How I Feel





En Love

Is Lizzo dating Drake? Lizzo explains why she name-dropped Drake in ‘Rumors’.

Male rappers have openly expressed their desire to sleep with women in their songs, and some have not hesitated to name them after celebrities. on her comeback single “Rumors” with Cardi B.

The 33-year-old crooner raised a lot of eyebrows when she discussed “F**king Drake” in the song, but does that mean she really wants to sleep with Drake? After stirring up a storm, the “Truth Hurts” hitmaker sat down for an interview with Apple Music host Zane Lowe, wanting to give society a taste of his own medicine. It’s my first song in years.

Lizzo wants to sleep with Drake? Speaking to Lowe in a recent interview, Lizzo spilled the beans on her much-discussed line in the song. “I just thought it was so funny to say that,” she added, adding, “I have a little bit of a relationship with him. He’s so cool.” She added, “I just feel like a woman.

It’s very common for names to drop on songs because she’s doing well.An example is Biggie’s hit single “Dreams.” While Lizzo is keeping the name of the Toronto icon under wraps, Lizzo has spoken out about her “rumours.”

Drake hasn’t had sex yet (Ha)”Speaking of the song, the Greek mythology-inspired video is pregnant Cardi B. Within hours of its release, “Rumors” hit her No. 2 on US streaming charts. 

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