MTN Adopts NCC’s New Unified USSD Codes: Good day, MTN users! Did you know MTN adopted NCC’s new unified USSD codes? Well, now you do.

You can’t use their former code to recharge or borrow anymore. Therefore, this article is going to explain the details of the new code and how you can use it.

MTN Adopts NCC’s New Unified USSD Codes
MTN Adopts NCC’s New Unified USSD Codes

What is the Code for MTN?

The Self-service USSD code of MTN Nigeria and its uses are listed below:

MTN Self-Service Code *123#
MTN Activation Code Of 150MB For 300*102#
MTN Activation Code Of 750MB 500*103#
MTN Activation Code Of 1GB For 1000*106#, Get 500MB Bonus
MTN Activation Code Of 2.5GB 2000*110#
MTN Activation Code Of 2.5GB For 2000*110#


MTN Adopts NCC’s New Unified USSD Codes

Furthermore, if you were unaware, starting May 18, 2023, the exclusive method to verify your credit balance or add funds to your mobile account is by utilizing the unified USSD codes approved by the NCC for all mobile networks.

Approximately one month prior, the commission had notified all relevant parties to transition and fully execute the unified USSD codes before May 17, 2023. This directive was issued because once the harmonized short codes (HSC) for all mobile networks are implemented, they will be the sole method for recharging or checking balance across all mobile networks. Consequently, the NCC’s USSD codes carry significant implications in this regard.

Implication Of NCC’s USSD Codes

This is to say that MTN users can’t recharge their line using the regular MTN codes *555# and *556#.

Additionally, users of MTN, GLO, Airtel, or others that fail to migrate will not be able to get services properly.

Also, users will be using this new code to check their balance and recharge their credit.

MTN Adopts NCC’s New Unified USSD Codes
MTN Adopts NCC’s New Unified USSD Codes

List Of The Unified USSD Codes for All Mobile Networks In Nigeria

  • Call Centre: 300
  • Borrow Services: *303#
  • Stop Service: *305#
  • Check Balance: *310#
  • Credit Recharge: *311#
  • Data Plan: *312#
  • Data plan balance: *323#
  • Share Services: *321#

Retain Codes

Furthermore, it is important to note that some of the codes and their functions will not be changed by the commission. Some of these codes include:

  • DND: 2442
  • Porting services: 3232
  • NIN Verification and NIN-SIM Linkage: *996#


What Are the Short Codes for NCC?

According to the NCC, the short code, which includes 300, is to be used as a harmonized code for all centers and help desks on all mobile networks. However, 301 is for voice mail deposit, to borrow is 303, the check balance is 310, and 311 is for credit recharge.

What is the USSD Code for the MTN data?

You can dial *312*1# or *904# and select your preferred data plan.

What is the Full Meaning of NCC?

The full meaning is National Cadet Corps (NCC). It is a youth development movement.

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