Are you aware you can get MTN 7GB for N2000 data plan on Dealzone? Well, yes you can. In this article, I will explain in detail how you can get this 7GB for just N2000 as an MTN user.

MTN Introduces 7GB For N2000 Data Plan on Dealzone
MTN Introduces 7GB For N2000 Data Plan on Dealzone

MTN and Techplus have recently introduced a new data plan, which was showcased on a leaflet that was shared yesterday. The leaflet highlights MTN’s offering of 7GB of data for the price of N2000 on Dealzone.

Furthermore, this presents an opportunity for MTN users to receive twice the amount of data they would typically get for subscribing to N2000. Initially, subscribers would receive 3.5GB, but with this new plan, they will enjoy a 100% data bonus.

Does MTN 7GB For N2000 Data Plan on Dealzone W0rk All Devices?

Yes, this data package works on any device as long as the device has internet connectivity. Ranging from:

  • All Nokia phones
  • All Symbian phones
  • iOS
  • iPad
  • Windows phones
  • Android devices
  • PC (with a modem or Hotspot tethering) etc.

How to Get MTN 7GB For N2000 On Deal Zone

To receive a 100% bonus on data, please follow these instructions:

  • Ensure you have a valid and registered MTN SIM card.
  • Recharge your MTN line with N2000.
  • Open the SMS messaging app on your phone.
  • Type “2016” in the message field.
  • Send the message to the number “131.”
  • You should receive a message confirming your 100% data bonus, similar to the one shown in the image below.

Advantages Of MTN TechPlus Data Plan

MTN Introduces 7GB For N2000 Data Plan on Dealzone offers lots of benefits. Below are some of the benefits to enjoy so far:

  • This data plan is official and does not require any modifications or the use of VPN apps such as Tweakware, Psiphon, netify, SlowDNS, Netloop, and the rest
  • Additionally, you can still enjoy other bonuses using the same N2000 you spent on the data plan.
  • It is compatible with all internet-enabled devices.


How Do I Check My Data Balance?

Take up your phone and type send 2 to 131 to check the remaining data.

How To Get 9GB For N2000 Bonus

Yes. MTN gives 1GB bonus data on a recharge of N1000 for weekend browsing via MTN Wow Weekends. Now, loading N2000 will give you 2GB. Afterward, you can proceed with the Dealzone offer above by subscribing with your N2000 to get 7GB. In essence, you will get 9GB in total.

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