In this article, I will share with you the meaning of the MTN pulse point and how it works. Most MTN users don’t know what the point is, and most of them who do know don’t know how to use it.
Well, I was once in your shoes, and that is why I have taken it to heart to share this useful information with all MTN users.

What is MTN Pulse Point and How it Work
What is MTN Pulse Point and How it Work

Are you aware you can turn your MTN point to airtime or use it for data? Most of the time I run out of airtime or data, my MTN point helps out.
Most of the time, when my bank has network issues, my MTN point is always there to save me time. Now you see how useful it is. Let’s know what it entails.

What is MTN Pulse Point?

When it comes to MTN Pulse Point, there are numerous applications for it, and the number of pulse points deducted varies based on the application.

To begin, you must be a member of MTN Pulse. After that, you can earn pulse points, which can be obtained by purchasing or sharing data and voice bundles (the larger the data bundle, the more points).

How to Check Point Balance

To check the amount of your pulse point, follow the steps below:

  • Open your phone and dial *406*7*1#.
  • Once it is done loading, select number 4 to check the pulse point balance.
  • The balance will show up after choosing 4.

How to Redeem or Use Pulse Point

To redeem or use the pulse point, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *406*7*2#
  • Click on 1 to redeem your data bundles with points.

If you choose Data Bundle (1), you get daily, weekly, and monthly options to choose from in order of increasing pulse points.
Furthermore, you can also use your pulse points to buy midnight data for N25 and more. You can buy TikTok data with points, including other social media bundles.

How Do You Get The MTN Pulse Point

When you migrate to MTN pulse, you will receive pulse points once you recharge. Also, if you migrate away from the MTN pulse, you will lose your pulse points and will have to start over whenever you return.
The pulse points are usually useful whether doing a fast-night bundle, an IG and Tiktok bundle, or a daily or weekly bundle. However, you will have to gather enough points to do a large monthly data bundle.


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