Never Compared Photocopy with Original, Reactions After Terry G Slam Portable For Copying Him.

Nigerian rapper Gabriel Uche Amani, popularly known by his stage name Terry G, has warned Nigerians to stop comparing him to Portable, who is his junior colleague in the music industry.

Twitter has identified a user named Victor Babatunde, who prompted those who compared Portable’s behavior to Terry G’s to apologize to him.Babatunde wrote:

“Those who have compared the madness of Terry G to Portable should apologize now!!!”.

Reacting to this drama, Terry G attacked those who compared him to Portable, insisting never to compare the original with the copy.

He said, “In this crazy work, please never compare the original with the copy, because the soul will soon be gone.” He also added that he doesn’t mind being compared to the rising singer.

He added, “Portable is a unique artist that should not be deleted, saying that he is musically and intellectually distinct.””That’s a good thing, I love Portable so much. Despite the fact that I make ‘crazy’ music, that doesn’t mean others can’t be inspired.

“He’s quite unique. There’s nothing he can compare to me, musically and intellectually. I don’t think anyone should rule him out.

He cannot stop.”If he stops talking, what else will happen?” That’s his style. It (the controversy) didn’t just start with me. It started with different people representing the street, and it will continue.

It’s normal.”He then revealed that they were working on a collaboration and that he would love to be featured on a song with Portable soon.Terry G concluded by saying “Yes. He came to my house twice.

But, we couldn’t record our song that day because he had to attend a concert in Akure, Ondo State. I want to work with a street representative. I am a producer and singer. 

Twitter Users reaction to Terry G reply about been compared to Portable are

DON PABLO wrote: Never disrespect Terry G again like this. Free madness was a whole movement back then. Portable na just noise maker and u bloggers are the ones promoting his nuisance.

FUTURE REIGNS wrote: Terry G’s madness was all over the country while Portable’s madness is within Lagos and some part of the western states!. Hope this would help y’all decide who’s the goat on this madness competition.

I move About Damn Time wrote: Terry G dey find engagement. We can’t even remember him again

Realtimmywrld @realtimmywrld wrote: T craze pass you is noWa thing

PUFFZ of PUFFZ @YTMFboss wrote: His mates are conmparing hit..this wan dey claim craze

Kasho @Olakunle Alao wrote: Him sef talk am say “you can only run run run, pass terry g, when you run mad” don run mad portablepresident

Tinubu @slendora 007 wrote: Terry G madness na just inside music video while portable na real madness that can’t be compared mr trouble CEO of sapanation

@Just wrote: Can’t stop laughing well one mad pass one

Peaceful Tout @lerdhan1 wrote: Lol. Thank goodness people like us was here that time when Terry g grew to prominence then. Terry G even started soft in the music industry then with them AY dot. His madness no reach half of Portable own. Portable wey don swear for all his benefactors at some point. Smh

EPIPHANY THE FIRST † @Kittyprin wrote: Portable Dey mad for real ground ,,, he doesn’t care about camera ooo Terry G Dey learn

Nonye karl @KarlNonye wrote: Terry be like John the Baptist while Portable na the Messiah way G been make way for

Emelie Victor @EmelieVictor2 wrote: It is an insult to Terry G to be compared by Portable.

Ebony Nikki BellasT wrote: Abi na es portable is just a nuisance somebody

Frey @Neoyex wrote: This one they whine portable wey na authenticated werey home and away

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