Breaking News: Nigerian Student Miss Ifeoma Amuche, Achieves Remarkable Milestone as Best Graduate at Acclaimed Chinese University! However, she was called to give a graduation speech.

Nigerian Student, Miss Ifeoma Amuche, Shines Bright as Best Graduate at Prestigious Chinese University!
Nigerian Student, Miss Ifeoma Amuche, Shines Bright as Best Graduate at Prestigious Chinese University!

She was the best out of more than 9,5000 students. As a result of her great feet, was chosen on behalf of all the international students, to make a speech.

The young graduate disclosed this on her Twitter handle on Thursday, as she dedicated her success to Nigeria and her hometown, Oko.

Her Speech

“Out of 9500+ graduates, I was the only international student selected to give a speech on behalf of all graduates, I’m so honored. I’m here for Nigeria, I’m here for my hometown Oko,” she tweeted.

Reacting to Amuche’s success, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) said Nigerians bear marks of success around the globe.

Cultural Participation & other Activities  Awards

She achieved exceptional academic success and actively participated in various cultural and social activities. However, she received multiple accolades and distinctions, including winning the first prize in the 2022 Chinese Poems Competition. Being awarded the Outstanding International Student Scholarship, and receiving the Excellent Student Leader Award.

Additionally, she generously volunteered as a teacher and mentor for fellow international students. Ifeoma expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to study in China, highlighting the valuable lessons she learned during her time there. She expressed heartfelt appreciation to her teachers, classmates, friends, and family for their unwavering support and encouragement.

Furthermore, she extended her gratitude to the Chinese government and its people for their warm hospitality and friendship. Ifeoma’s story serves as an inspiration to many young Nigerians who aspire to realize their dreams through dedication and hard work. She exemplifies that with passion, perseverance, and a positive mindset, anything is achievable.


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