North Korea launched its 12th ballistic missile into the Pacific Ocean this year. The launch occurred early Wednesday morning, July 12, according to the South Korean military, only days after the country accused the US of spying.

North Korea launches ballistic missile Into sea
North Korea launches ballistic missile Into sea

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the missile was launched toward North Korea’s eastern waters.

the South Korean military stated it was a long-range missile, stated by  Reuters,

According to Reuters, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida directed his staff to gather information about the launch and prepare for any unanticipated events.

North Korea issued a series of statements last week accusing the US of flying a military jet over the area to spy on it.

Kim Yo Jong, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister, alleged that the US flew the spy plane over the North eight times in a single day.

“A shocking incident would occur in the long run in the 20–40-kilometer section in which US spy planes habitually intrude into the sky above North Korea’s economic water zone,” Kim Yo Jong told the Associated Press.

Despite North Korea’s warning, the US and South Korea rejected the claims.

Meanwhile, military experts say North Korea is organizing a big parade on July 27 to mark its ‘winning’ in the Korean War against the United States and South Korea.


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