OPS Issues a Warning of Shutdown Due to the Ongoing Food Crisis Caused by Hoodlums Looting More Trucks. Members of the organised private sector have expressed concern about the rising incidents of truck looting, where food and raw materials are transported, by suspected hoodlums.

OPS Issues a Warning of Shutdown
OPS Issues a Warning of Shutdown

OPS Issues a Warning of Shutdown

They warn that this trend could lead to a nationwide industry shutdown. This warning comes as reports emerged of miscreants attacking trucks carrying building materials and spaghetti in Ogun and Kaduna states.

Additionally, the Federal Government announced on Monday that it will commence the distribution of free grains to states this week.

Hoodlums have targeted numerous trucks and warehouses, primarily owned by manufacturers and other members of the OPS, amid worsening food inflation and the cost of living crisis nationwide.

Some youths stole food items from trucks stuck in traffic along the Kaduna Road in the Suleja area of Niger State last week.

Rampage in the Capital: Warehouse Raid and Guarded Defence

Hoodlums attacked a warehouse belonging to the Agricultural and Rural Development Secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory Administration in the Dei-Dei area of the capital city on Sunday.

They looted rice, grains, and other relief items. Meanwhile, soldiers guarding a private warehouse in the Idu Industrial Estate, Jabi, Abuja, successfully rebuffed an attempt by another group to loot it.

Gabriel Idahosa, the President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated that the current economic hardship is bringing about anarchy.

He emphasized that the attacks could exacerbate companies’ issues and result in their shutdown.

Idahosa stated, “The consequences are unfolding. While the government urges patience, hunger doesn’t wait. When chaos reigns, it breeds anarchy.”

The Imminent Anarchy Blurs Lines

In a state of anarchy, there’s no differentiation between public and private. Chaos doesn’t discern between government and private assets. When it pours, it doesn’t discriminate between government and private properties.

The looters don’t care if it’s government or private property; they simply seek food or anything resembling it. Observers urge the government to take tangible steps to alleviate hunger.

The LCCI president emphasized the need for collective action to curb the criminal activities.

We’ve moved past speculation; this is now our reality. These incidents have been escalating over the last two or three days. Stopping this trend will demand collective efforts,” he advised.

Furthermore, Idahosa pointed out that several major manufacturing firms in the country suffered substantial losses in the 2023 financial year. Considering the looting of their goods, they might opt to close down their operations and dismiss workers.

He stated, “They’re all facing losses in billions. Even the smaller companies are experiencing losses, though they don’t grab headlines.”

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