Are you aware Reddit crashed due to a growing subreddit blackout according to reports? The website stated experienced a major and significant outage on the first day of a sitewide protest at the planned API changes at Reddit.

Reddit Crashed Due to Growing Subreddit Blackout According to Reports
Reddit Crashed Due to Growing Subreddit Blackout According to Reports

Reddit Crashed According To Reports

According to Reddit, the blackout was responsible for the problems. “A significant number of subreddits shifting to private caused some expected stability issues, and we’ve been working on resolving the anticipated issue,” spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt tells The Verge. The company said the outage was fully resolved at 1:28 PM ET.

However, they have been going through some problems on Monday with their platform. The outage took place the same day as thousands of subreddits went dark in a bid to protect the new API pricing terms of the site.

This issue started since on Monday morning. And the status page of the reddit reported a   “major outage” affecting the desktop and mobile sites of Reddit as well as its native mobile apps. “We’re aware of problems loading content and are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible,” the company on the status page wrote in a message at 10:58 AM ET. At 11:47 AM ET, the company then stated that “we’re observing improvements across the site and expect the issue to recover for most users. We will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

User Reports Reddit Crashed Due to Growing Subreddit Blackout

During the platform’s ongoing issues, numerous Verge employees experienced difficulties with While certain subreddits were accessible, the website itself was slow to load. At the height of the reported problems, approximately 43,000 users filed complaints about the Down detector. However, the number of reports has since dropped significantly.

Following the reported outage, a website that had been monitoring the count of private subreddits on a Twitch stream also experienced functionality issues. However, it has now been restored and is functioning normally again. “Count will be wrong for a while,” as per a message that had appeared on the live Twitch stream following the count. “It’s Reddit not working.”

Reddit User’s Response to the New Changes to the Platform

More than 7,000 subreddits have taken the step of going private or read-only due to the API pricing terms. Which have resulted in developers, including those behind Apollo for Reddit, announcing the closure of their apps by the end of the month. The new pricing structure poses significant financial obstacles for developers. With Christian Selig, the creator of Apollo for Reddit, estimating that operating the app would cost him over $20 million annually.

The API changes have also sparked discontent among Redditors, particularly concerning the potential impact on accessibility apps. However, Reddit has stated that accessibility-focused apps will be exempt from the API pricing adjustments. On Friday, exceptions were announced for Red Reader and Dystopia, indicating they would not be affected by the changes.

Subreddits Are Now Going Dark for 48 Hours on the Platform

Many subreddits are now going dark for 48 hours, kicking off from June 12th through June 14th, but some on the other hand have chosen to stay private indefinitely until something gets to change at Reddit. That being said, the platform seems to be unwilling to budge.

CEO Steve Huffman reportedly held the company line during an AMA on Friday. And in the process angered many Reddit users and then caused some subreddits to go private earlier than initially planned. I asked Reddit on Sunday if it still planned to move forward with the API pricing plans, and Rathschmidt then stated that the company was not planning any changes to what has already been announced. However, you can drop any comment related to Reddit Crashed Due to Growing Subreddit Blackout, we are at your service.


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