Oh, the wait is over. Road House 2 is afoot. Amazon Prime Video confirmed the news on X, announcing, “With nearly 80 million viewers to date, Jake Gyllenhaal will reprise his role as Elwood Dalton in a Road House sequel.”

Road House 2
Road House 2

Road House 2 is Afoot!!!!

Jake Gyllenhaal will return as Dalton in the confirmed Road House 2. Based on the 1989 film starring Patrick Swayze, Prime Video’s Road House premiered on the streamer in March. It follows Gyllenhaal’s Dalton as he takes on a job as a bouncer at a Florida dive bar. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the film resonated well with audiences and achieved viewership success.

Road House­­­­–The Original

The original features James Dalton, an unassuming guy hired to keep the peace at a Missouri bar. Naturally, trouble arises when a group of troublemakers confronts Swayze’s Dalton. They underestimate him based on his appearance (“I thought you’d be bigger!”), but he surprises them with his skills. Gyllenhaal’s Road House follows a similar pattern. This time, his version of Dalton looks capable of kicking ass—and for an hour and fifty-four minutes, he does exactly that.

Road House 2 –How We Suspect It Will Be

The Road House cast includes Conor McGregor, Daniela Melchior, Lukas Gage, and Jessica Williams alongside Gyllenhaal. While Gyllenhaal will return, it is still uncertain if supporting characters like Ellie, Knox, Billy, and Frankie will reappear. The return of these characters will largely influence the direction of Road House 2.

The post-credits scene in Road House shows Knox alive and escaping from the hospital, suggesting he could return in a sequel. Characters like Ellie, Billy, and Frankie are also alive. However, some argue that Dalton’s next adventure would benefit from introducing a new bar and a fresh supporting cast. This approach aligns with Dalton’s departure at the end of Road House, where he is seen boarding a bus and leaving town.

Dalton could easily live a life on the road, using his unique skills to handle problems at violent bars nationwide in subsequent sequels. However, it wouldn’t be difficult to explain why Dalton returns to Frankie’s bar in the Florida Keys if trouble arises there again. Many questions remain about Road House 2, but hopefully, more details about the sequel will be revealed in the coming months.

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