Instagram’s CEO expresses the need to accomplish a third-party API. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s CEO, responded last night, mentioning that his team is actively developing an API for Threads. This comes in response to concerns that it might favor publishers over creators.

The Possibility of Third Party App Support for Threads May Soon Become a Reality
The Possibility of Third Party App Support for Threads May Soon Become a Reality

We noticed his response within a thread where Casey Newton of Platformer explained to another user that the absence of a developer API is the reason Threads lacks an equivalent to TweetDeck.

Third Party App Support for Threads May Soon Become a Reality

A robust API could potentially broaden the platform’s possibilities. Third-party apps and web experiences could introduce fresh concepts for interacting with Threads or accessing its content. Additionally, it could address the current deficiencies in Threads, such as the absence of lists or the capability to follow particular topics.

Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Third-Party Apps and APIs

Prominent social platforms like X, previously known as Twitter, and Reddit have implemented API policy alterations that third-party developers perceive as unwelcoming, leading to the closure or disconnection of apps from these platforms.

Some developers have shifted their focus to create clients for different platforms. For example, the creators of Tweetbot introduced Ivory for Mastodon. However, Threads, boasting nearly 100 million monthly active users, represents a more promising opportunity compared to Mastodon, Bluesky, and other recent alternatives to X.

Apart from the uncertainty surrounding the introduction and approach of Threads regarding an API, there’s also a question about how the platform will handle integration with the open social media protocol, ActivityPub. Mosseri has publicly expressed a commitment to linking Threads with the open social media protocol. In fact, the platform has taken a small step in this direction by allowing users to verify their Threads profile in the so-called fediverse. If full support for ActivityPub is implemented, you may start seeing Threads posts in a fediverse feed that also contains posts from platforms like Mastodon, Reddit alternative Lemmy, and any other platform operating on the protocol.

We’ve contacted Meta to inquire if they have additional information regarding the potential for an API, and we will provide an update here if we receive a response.

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