This is the dawn of a new and exciting era for Nigerian creators as Twitter (X) begins to pay Nigerian Creators.

Twitter (X) Begins to Pay Nigerian Creators
Twitter (X) Begins to Pay Nigerian Creators

Twitter Now Pays Nigerian Creators

Some Nigerian creators and social media influencers are now being paid by the microblogging site X, formerly known as Twitter, through its ad revenue-sharing program.

The payout, which was initiated in the United States early last month and has now been extended to global users of X, is only for verified users in Nigeria and other countries who have met the threshold of impressions on their content.

Those who want to receive the payment must subscribe to Twitter Blue and have received more than five million impressions per month on their tweets over the last three months. In addition, they must have a Stripe payment account.

X will not allow creators to monetize copyrighted content they do not own, as well as content about “pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick schemes” (look out, crypto spammers), violence, criminal behavior, gambling, or drugs and alcohol.

Some Nigerian creators have begun sharing their earnings receipts, while also thanking Elon Musk for the initiative.

Therefore, if you are a creator and Twitter (X) is one of your platforms, you can make some money on this platform.

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