How do I buy data with Glo? To explore Glo’s data plans, dial *312# (old code *777#) on your phone. Alternatively, use your bank’s specific codes. When using the bank method, choose the data option instead of airtime.

How to Buy Date with Glo
How to Buy Date with Glo

If you’re new to Glo, start by recharging with airtime before switching to a data plan. This way, you may receive a bonus along with your top-up.

Loading Glo Card:

To top up your Glo card in Nigeria, dial *311* Voucher PIN # and send it. Wait for a response to confirm the successful recharge, and you’ll receive a confirmation message. Some Glo cards have a 15-digit PIN that may need to be scratched, so handle them with care.

Checking Glo Data Balances:

  • To check your data balances on Glo:
  • Dial *323# and press send to view your active data plans and their balances.
  • Alternatively, text “info” to “323” for a text message with details about your active data plans and their balances.

Using the Glo Self-Care Mobile App:

For bonus balances, follow these steps using the Glo Cafe self-care mobile app:

  • Download the app from your phone’s App Store.
  • If it’s your first time, enter your mobile number and create a four-digit PIN; otherwise, log in with your existing credentials.
  • On the homepage, tap “More Details” under “Data Balance” to see your data and airtime balances, including bonuses.

Buying Glo Data from Your Bank:

To purchase Glo data through your bank:

  • Dial the USSD code provided by your bank for such transactions.
  • Choose the data purchase or mobile top-up option from the menu.
  • Select Glo as your network operator.
  • Pick the data plan that suits your needs.
  • Confirm your selection and complete the transaction, following any security prompts.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message, and the data will be added to your Glo SIM card.

Glo Data Plan Types and Cost:

It offers various data plans, including:

  • Daily plans start at ₦25.
  • Mega data plans for higher data benefits and longer validity.
  • Night and weekend plans for specific usage times.
  • Monthly data plans with varying costs based on data allowance.
  • Data rollover for unused data.
  • Special offers and social media plans.

Glo Tariffs and Data Bonuses

Glo offers tariff plans with bonuses for data and calls, like Glo Yakata, Jollific8, Oga SIM, and Free Tomorrow. These plans provide extra value based on recharges and data usage.

Now you have a simple guide on how to manage your Glo data and take advantage of their bonuses and plans.


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