How do you feel when you discover that someone is sharing your data without your knowledge? It’s likely a situation you’ve been contemplating for quite some time. That is where How to unshared data on Glo comes from. 

How To Unshared Data On Glo
How To Unshared Data On Glo

Data sharing is a common practice in our network-connected world, and you might be wondering how to prevent others from accessing your data on Glo, a telecommunications company in Nigeria. In this post, I will explain how you can stop data sharing on Glo.

How to Stop Data Sharing on Glo App 

Using the Glo Mobile App:

  • Open the Glo mobile app.
  • Navigate to the data sharing settings.
  • Disable data sharing to prevent others from accessing your data.

About Glo:

Glo, short for Global Communication, is a prominent telecommunications company in Nigeria founded by Mike Adenuga on August 29, 2003. It ranks as the third-largest mobile network operator in Nigeria and serves various African countries.

Glo offers a range of monthly mobile data plans starting from 1.5GB for N1,000 to 120GB for N20,000. You can easily transfer data using the Glo USSD code *777.

Glo Services:

Glo provides various services, including:

  • Data services
  • Borrowing credit or data
  • Recharge purchase
  • Berekete 10x plan
  • Tariff plans
  • International calls and roaming
  • Lottery services
  • GloTV
  • 11Kobo plan
  • Value-added services (VAS)

Steps to Share Data on Glo

If you want to share data with friends, loved ones, or relatives on Glo, follow these steps:

  • Dial *777# on your phone.
  • Select “1” to purchase data.
  • Choose “3” to share the data plan.
  • Follow the prompts and enter the recipient’s phone number.
  • Confirm and send the data.

How to Unshare Data on Glo:

To check and stop data sharing on Glo, follow these methods:

  • Dial *127*00# on your phone to view a list of people sharing your data.
  • Alternatively, list the names of data users and send them to “127” via text message.
  • Visit on your web browser.
  • Access the account option at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the share subscription option to see who is using your data.
  • Click the delete option next to each user’s name to stop data sharing.

Unsharing Data with USSD Code:

You can also use the USSD code *127*02# to stop data sharing via SMS. Simply dial 12702*remove number# and send it to disable data sharing.

Unshare Data on Glo PayU:

  • Glo PayU allows you to pay only for the data you’ve used or shared. It charges 1 Naira per megabyte (mb).
  • You can unshare your data on Glo PayU by following the steps mentioned earlier.


In conclusion, by using the provided codes and methods, you can effectively prevent unauthorized data sharing and regain control over your data usage. Don’t forget to like and comment on this post if you found the information helpful.


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