Hurry and apply for the 2023 MTN Champ Competition for Young Nigerians. You might be wondering what is this competition all about. Well, you can keep scrolling down to get more info and how you can access the competition. Don’t miss this opportunity for anything!

2023 MTN Champ Competition For Young Nigerians
2023 MTN Champ Competition For Young Nigerians

However, the program’s goal is to discover and nurture athletic talent across the country. Present a golden ticket to the world stage of international competitions such as the Olympics and world.

MTN Champs Competition Details

  • Host: MTN Foundation
  • Category: Competitions
  • Eligible Countries: Nigeria
  • Reward: Full Sponsorship
  • No IELTS Required
  • Deadline: Not Specified

The MTN CHAMPS track and field competition seeks to identify top performers from Nigerian schools. The next generation of athletics superstars who will go on to rule the world stage will use this as a launching pad.

Through this program, gifted people from all around the nation will have the chance to show off their abilities and receive the guidance and support they require to realize their full abilities as skilled athletes.

Benefits of the MTN Champs Competition

The MTN Champs Competition has many advantages for competitors as well as the country at large. These consist of:

  • Finding Outstanding Athletes: The MTN Champs track and field tournament seeks to find excellent performers from schools across Nigeria. This gives these aspiring athletes a stage on which to display their talents and engage in intense competition.
  • Developing Potential: This program is dedicated to developing the potential of these athletes by giving them the direction, mentorship, and tools they require to realize their greatest potential.
  • International Exposure: For those who succeed in MTN Champs, the ambition of representing Nigeria on the world stage becomes a reality. For many sportsmen, getting the chance to compete in popular world events like the Olympics and World Championships is like winning the lottery.
  • MTN Champs is a life-changing event for the competitors. It gives them access to countless opportunities, enabling them to pursue an athletic career and fulfil what they want.

MTN Champs Competition – How to Apply

Please take the following actions to register for the MTN Champs Competition:

  • Visit to access the MTN Champs website.
  • Complete the general information session to begin the registration process.
  • choose the venue for the championship, and;
  • To continue with your application, select the appropriate age category.
  • Visit the MTN Champs website at for more information.


What is the MTN Champs Competition’s purpose?

MTN Champs aims to identify and develop Nigeria’s athletic talent by giving participants the chance to participate internationally.

Is there a cutoff date for MTN Champs applications?

No, MTN Champs has not established an application deadline.

Which sports are a part of the MTN Champs?

Track & field sports are the main focus of MTN Champs, which places a strong emphasis on finding exceptional athletes.


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